Cooking terminology

Cooking terminology that differs between Australia and other countries

The US or international term is on the left and Australian cooking term is on the right.

All-purpose flour – Plain flour. Flour that has no rising agent in it.
Argula – Rocket
Aubergine – Eggplant. A large, purple-colored fruit related to tomatoes.
Baking soda – Bicarb Soda (bicarbonate of soda).
Bell Pepper – Capsicum
Boullion Cubes – Stock cubes
Broil – Grill. Cooking food on a rack either under or over heat.
Burghul – Cracked Wheat
Candied – glace
Cantaloupe – Rockmelon
Cilantro – Coriander. A spice that can be used as fresh leaves, dried and / or ground seeds.
Cookie Sheet – Baking tray
Confectioners Sugar – Icing sugar, white powdered sugar for making icing
Cornstarch – In Aussie cooking this is cornflour. It is the starch extracted for corn and is used for thickening.
Courgette – Zucchini. A long green squash.
Double cream – Thick cream
Extract – Essence, as in vanilla essence, peppermint essence etc
Fava bean – broad bean
Frosting – Icing
Garbanzo – Chickpea. A legume that is large white and roundish.
Grill – BBQ
Kumera – Sweet Potato. Orange-fleshed root vegetable.
Mange tout – Snow Peas. Legume eaten as a whole pod. Also snow pea sprouts, which are the seeds sprouted.
Marichino Cherries – Glace Cherries
Papaya – Paw Paw
Scallions – Shallots
Skillet – Frying pan
Sweet Pepper – Capsicum
Superfine Sugar – Caster sugar, if you are caught without it you can make it by putting normal white suger in the blender.
Treacle – Golden Syrup
White Vegetable Shortening – Copha. A solid white fat found in the cold section of the supermarket near butters. Used in chocolate crackles or white christmas for example.


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