Saving a Failed Mozzarella

Yesterday I had my first go at mozzarella using this recipe. Unfortunately the curds wouldn’t set. I believe it’s due to using tap water which is chlorinated and this stops the rennet from working.

If there is anything I cannot abide it is waste! 

So what did I do?

Spelt Sourdough with our freerange egg and my Notzarella

Spelt Sourdough with our freerange egg and my Notzarella


Well I tried to scoop as much curd as I could out without too much whey but it was very small dots of curd. With this I tried to continue the heating and stretching part of the recipe with slight success. I ended up with a lumpy ball of what I have called Notzarella! It is bumpy and rough outside but almost smooth inside and it does hold together. Plus it tastes right. I put this in a container with some whey, served a bit with crackers last night and this morning sliced it on my morning toast and egg.

Then the remaining curds and whey I tipped into cheesecloth to strain and turned into a soft cheese with chives and black pepper. It worked out just fine!

I look forward to the next step in my cheese making journey which will be another go at mozzarella with tank water for the rennet and a hard cheese. In case you missed the recipe I made a soft white cheese last week.

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