Incredible Indian Cooking – Indian Basics

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Incredible Indian Cooking – Indian Basics for Beginners

Although Indian food gets a lot of bad press about being oily, spicy and difficult to digest, and basically an indulgence, that is not what Indians have been cooking at home for 5000 years, or what 1.2 billion around the globe, eat each day, today!

Since it uses small quantities of eggs, nuts, dairy and gluten and has lots of amazing vegetarian options, Indian food is one of the friendliest cuisines for people who generally encounter difficulty eating out because of any allergies and intolerances, and of course the rest of the world that simply can’t get enough of the flavour!

Join Nishita Bhansali, founder of “Eggless In Sydney” as she shares with you her passion for home- style Indian cooking which is simple, quick, economical, healthy, intolerance and allergy friendly, and soul – satisfying in taste!

Class program

The first of our 2 Indian classes, Indian Basics consists of an introduction to pantry ingredients, identifying Lentils and cooking times. Followed by a demonstration of 2 basic recipes ( 1 curry recipe + 1 tempering recipe ) which can be used as a base for most Indian dishes, and the preparation of rice, roti and some accompaniments. Next, the whole class cooks various components of the meal using these instructions and printed recipes. Finally, we sit down to taste and enjoy our delicious handiwork!