Delicious Desserts Cooking Class

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Calling all sweet-tooths! During this cooking class you’ll learn everything you want to know about one of life’s simple pleasures – dessert! Dessert provides a satisfying end to a meal and is a source of much devilish pleasure and delight! Cooking dessert is easy, when you know how. When you arrive for your cooking class you’ll be offered a refreshment. You’ll then be given a short orientation and safety brief. Your talented dessert chef will demonstrate the dishes that you will be cooking and answer any questions you have. You’ll then break into pairs and prepare some of the fabulous dishes under the guidance of the chef. The mouthwatering menu includes 5 varied desserts! After this course there’ll be no more shop-bought ice-cream desserts or burnt tarts in the oven. Your chef will show you just how satisfying and easy it is to make your own desserts from scratch! You’ll also learn many of the shortcuts that professional chefs use when cooking in order to produce great results quickly – these are great tips for people on the go! When you’ve finished cooking you’ll sit down with your new friends and eat the delicious desserts you’ve created.