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I am a self confessed lover of leftovers! I hate waste, especially with food. Our poor dog, Teddy, hates that I love leftovers. But he still manages to get plenty of scraps.

Risotto PancakeOne quick meal I made recently with leftovers is a Risotto Pancake. I just mixed a beaten egg into the risotto and fried it like a pancake or fritter.

Fritters are another dish I often use for leftovers. Here is the batter recipe. To that I add leftover cooked meat and / or vegetables, usually with some fresh herbs from the garden.

A frittata is always great to use up leftovers as well. You can even add cold spaghetti if there is some left. My kids used to love my spaghetti omelette or frittata. A frittata is made by frying whatever it is you are using (if it needs frying) then pouring beaten eggs into the pan. You cook the base and then put it under the grill to cook the top. I usually put cheese on top before grilling it.

Leftover spaghetti bolognese sauce or chili con carne generally ends up in toasted sandwiches for lunch or on french toast for breakfast.

Over ripe bananas are never thrown out in our house. They generally become banana cake.

Stay tuned for more leftover ideas or if you have a favourite add it in the comments below.



Author: Naz Rimmer

Naz is an avid cook and recipe tester. When she isn't cooking she is probably gardening or writing about cooking and food.

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