Homemade Sauces

It is easy and economical to make your own basic sauces and condiments. We have been adding a lot of these basic sauce recipes lately. You can make your own sweet sauces such as chocolate or caramel sauce and boiled custard. Salad dressings and savoury sauces are also easy to make.

When you make your own sauce it is usually much healthier and cheaper than the store bought stuff. You know what is in the sauce and can allow for your own dietary restrictions. Another great part of making your own sauce is being able to alter the recipe to suit your own tastes and offer variety.

One basic sauce that has a myriad of uses and variations is white sauce. You can use the white sauce base to make parsley sauce, cheese sauce or onion sauce.

  • For cheese sauce add 60 grams of grated cheese and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the white sauce and stir until the cheese is melted. This is great with cauliflower!
  • To make parsley sauce add 3 tablespoons of parsley to the white sauce. Good on fish or vegetables.
  • For onion sauce, that is lovely on corned beef, boil two onions in salty water. Chop finely and stir through hot white sauce.

Here are our sauce and condiments recipes:

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