Hedge Hogs

Hedge Hogs
  1. (1) Crush biscuits place in large bowl, add coconut + cocoa mix well.
  2. (2) Heat butter in saucepan, mix in sugar cool slightly.
  3. ) Add eggs to butter + sugar mixture stirring well.
  4. (4) Combine biscuit mixture with butter mixture.
  5. (5) press into a rectangle dish (lamington pan)?.
  6. (6) put icing on top and refrigerate till set at least 2 hrs.
  7. Icing :
  8. cups iceing sugar.
  9. tbs marg melted.
  10. tbs cocoa.
  11. tbs milk.
  12. Method :
  13. (1) sift 2 cups iceing sugar with cocoa into mixing bowl.
  14. (2) add melted buter and mix through add milk if to dry.
  15. (3) place iceing over top even layer and refrigerate.
  16. Hints : Cut into bit size and serve as a treat very filling,you can also make same mixture except just use 1 egg and 4 cups rice bubbles instead of biscuits and make rice crackles also very yummy.


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