Wine Bag Holder


The wine bag holder is made from 8oz Australian made canvas. It is made to fit a 4L or 2L wine bladder.

The wine bag holder has many uses:

  • Playing the iconic game “Goon of Fortune” by stringing it on the rotary clothesline and spinning to see who takes a swig. This game is part of Australian backpacker and student folklore.
  • Hanging your wine in a tree at camp.
  • Cooling your wine in the creek.
  • Wetting the canvas to keep it cool while hanging.
  • Holding water bladders at camp.
  • Keeping a naked wine bladder safe in bike luggage.


There are velcro tabs for looping over a rope, clothesline etc. Also a cord tied through eyelets to use for hanging or tying.

The wine bag holder are available in a range of colours.

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