Premium Barista Course – Espresso Foundations, Level 1 (VIC)

Premium Barista Course – Espresso Foundations, Level 1 (NSW)
Premium Barista Course - Espresso Foundations, Level 1 (NSW)

The expertise of the skilled barista is based on a solid knowledge foundation. Your training begins with a comprehensive exploration of the bean, the machine and the art of the barista. Topics covered include:• The history, agriculture, economics and trade of coffee• Roasting, blending, tasting, quality, storage, and most importantly – FRESHNESS!• The principles of espresso, grinder and machine orientation• Variable factors affecting espresso production • Grind on demand, sight dosing, consistent and ergonomic workflow and free pouring• Silky milk stretching with an emphasis on crema retention and an introduction to latte art• In depth daily cleaning proceduresA good barista is in tune with their equipment, coffee and milk and is relaxed, efficient, fast and confident and shows pride in their product. Our aim is to have you manually pouring quality espresso shots and super smooth silky milk by the end of this course.What’s included?• A comprehensive 3 hour course from one of the finest coffee roasters • Course notes• Coffee menuToby’s Estate Espresso School is the recognised Australian industry leader in quality barista training and their fully qualified teachers have trained many students here in Australia and overseas since 1998. They focus on manual processes and their fully qualified trainers are dedicated to equipping aspiring baristas with as much detailed practical and theoretical knowledge as possible to allow them to achieve their goals.Please Note: This course is available in Sydney,Melbourne ,Brisbane and Perth on a variety of days. Please check availability for the exact timetable.

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