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Wine Bag Holder

The wine bag holder is made from 8oz Australian made canvas. It is made to fit a 4L or 2L wine bladder. The wine bag holder has many uses: Playing the iconic game “Goon of Fortune” by stringing it on the rotary clothesline and spinning to see who takes a swig. This game is part of Australian backpacker and

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Chefs Knife Roll

These Canvas Knife Rolls are made from strong canvas with seat belt webbing straps and side release buckles. This is a great way for chefs and cooks to store and carry their kitchen knives. It is available in 5 different colours. The new design is made from 8oz canvas on the outside with double layer

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Canvas Shopping Bags

These canvas shopping bags (or beach bags) are made from strong canvas with fabric panels and webbing handles. These bags are super tough and washable. They have a volume of about 12L and are 340mm tall and 450mm wide. They have a flat base which is about 160mm deep. You can choose from six canvas

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canvas cutlery roll
canvas cutlery roll

Canvas Cutlery Roll

This canvas cutlery roll is a small roll for a personal set of cutlery. It is handy to keep in your bag, glove box or in your motorcycle luggage. It comes with a stainless steel straw and brush but no cutlery. The canvas cutlery roll is 290mm tall and 300mm long approximately. It rolls up and

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