Cooking with Kids

Chocolate Chip CookiesMy niece and nephew came over again yesterday so we did some more cooking. We made some fantastic choc chip cookies. These were a great choice as there is plenty for them to do easily. They did the measuring, mixing and rolled balls of cookie dough. Of course the cookies weren’t all uniform in size but that doesn’t matter. Seeing the excitement on their faces as they watched them spread, crack and brown was fantastic. And boy were they delicious when we taste tested a few warm cookies.

We also made a pizza for lunch using this basic pizza dough recipe. The pizza dough grows in size magically and in the heat we had it was pretty much before our eyes. We topped the pizza with tomato, bacon, mushroom, olives and fresh basil. I think pizza can be a fairly healthy and well balanced meal. It is also fun to make and easy to eat.

So another fun and successful morning of cooking was had by all. I hope this has given you some more ideas for cooking with kids.

Author: Naz Rimmer

Naz is an avid cook and recipe tester. When she isn't cooking she is probably gardening or writing about cooking and food.

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