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I looked after my niece and nephew yesterday morning and wanted to cook something with them. I hadn’t decided what that would be until I found that Mum would be back to pick them up at lunch. I asked them if they would like to make spaghetti. Not the┬ápacket stuff in some water but real spaghetti noodles. They got excited about that.

tedI mixed up an egg pasta dough, which is simply one egg to 100 grams of flour. The dough needs to rest for 30 minutes before rolling so I got out some pencils and paper. I have enough trouble waiting, let alone young kids! This is a drawing of Ted eating rainbow spaghetti and meatballs.

spaghetti rollersOnce the dough was ready they took turns at either turning the handle on the pasta machine or guiding the pasta out. There was a lot of excitement at the sight of spaghetti worms coming out for the first time (and second. and so on).

We laid the spaghetti out on the bench to wait for Mum to return. They had a play with some remaining dough in the machine, which looked like fun but not so much fun to clean the bits out later on.

wpid-20150112_125608.jpgI had some leftover bolognese sauce from the night before and I reheated it with a tin of tomatoes and some fresh basil that we picked from the garden. Topped with Parmesan it was a great lunch that was loved by all.

Cooking is great for kids to learn from a young age. There is reading and mathematics in it, along with creativity and an understanding of healthy food.

I need to think of something as fun to cook next week with them.



MAking Spaghetti
MAking Spaghetti

Author: Naz Rimmer

Naz is an avid cook and recipe tester. When she isn't cooking she is probably gardening or writing about cooking and food.

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