Cheese Making

The next step in my education about cultured / fermented foods is cheese making! I have ordered some supplies on Ebay today and cannot wait to get started. I have done a lot of reading and it really doesn’t seem very hard. I will start with a soft cheese, feta and mozzarella and then progress to some hard cheeses.

I am excited to try different flavours in cheese similar to the wasabi and native pepperberry ones we have been buying lately. Eventually I want to be able to make blue vein and brie.

I ordered a thermometer, for under $7 on Ebay, earlier in the week to take the guess work out of what temperature the milk is at because this is very important with cheese.

Today I have ordered two different types of culture which I plan to grow and keep instead of ordering it whenever I need it (by making a mother culture). Also citric acid, calcium chloride and rennet. Plus some cheesecloth for straining both my cheeses and greek yogurt.

Below is an Ebay link to the store I bought the cheese supplies from. (Yes it’s an affiliate link but I need to support my mad cooking habits somehow)

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