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About Aussie Cooking

Aussie Cooking was borne out of a frustration for finding recipes and cooking tips that suit Australians. How often have you gone searching for a recipe only to find that it includes ingredients with strange names and measurements that you don't know? What follows is more searching to discover a measurement conversion or the terminology we use for a food, i.e. courgette is zucchini. Hence Aussie Cooking is born.

Got Local Milk?

At Aussie Cooking we have local dairy milk! No more buying milk from international conglomerates that don't pay the dairy farmers enough. We are compling a list of local dairy supplier so that you have the choice not to bend to lure of the milk price wars. Check out our Local Milk List here and feel free to add any you know of.

New* Beer Bread Recipes

Our cook has been experimenting with beer bread recipes while living in the Tasmanian wilderness. Check out the variatiions on beer bread recipes here and the basic beer bread recipe here.


People from all over Australia have been adding recipes to our Australian recipe pages. We are also compiling a list of those different terminologies that you come across in recipes, Cooking Substitutes, (a list of foods that can be used to replace ingredients) You can also look up recipes on your iPhone using our new iPhone recipes section.

Newest Recipes

Tuna and Pesto Pasta Salad
Tuna and Pesto Pasta Salad
Easy Banana Cake
Easy Banana Cake
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
Veal Croquettes
Veal Croquettes
Pork Chop Casserole
Pork Chop Casserole
Cornish Pasties
Cornish Pasties

Aussie Cooking stores and sites

Aussie Cooking features such things as a directory of everything to do with cooking in Australia including stores, recipe sites, cooking schools and tips. Everyone is definitely welcome to submit any sites that fit our culinary arts directory.

Latest Cooking Sites

DIY DumplingsSydney Cooking SchoolSeafood Spectacular
Devine DuckIndian Street Food “Chatpatta Chaats”Incredible Indian Cooking – Indian Basics
French ClassicsMexican MadnessThai Cooking Classes

Cooking Videos

We are in the process of creating a section of the site for Cooking Videos. If you have any ideas of suggestions for our video section please post in our forums

Cooking Articles

We also have some great cooking articles for your interest.

Latest Cooking Articles

Luke Mangan Spices Up Lilydale Free Range Chicken How to Sharpen a Knife
How To Cook Rice How to Choose a Barbecue
The Gentle Art of Poaching Once-A-Month Cooking

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You can display Australian Recipes on your site with our newly published Google Gadget. It's easy!

If you have found this site useful you will probably love my new Muffin recipe site too and this Australian Craft site too!

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